Can I use the SG-1 silicone glue for the VisiSens CO2 sensor foils also?

The glue for the O2 foils (SG-1 silicone glue) irreversibly damages the CO2 sensor foils!

Please exclusively use the KwikSil silicone glue for glueing the CO2 sensors!

The SG-1 silicone glue evolves acetic acid during the curing process, which destroys the CO2 sensor foils. Please have this in mind, if you plan on placing O2 and CO2 sensor foils into the same vessel. Either use the KwikSil silicone glue for both types of sensors (not optimal but it will work), or ensure that you attach the O2 sensor foil first using the SG-1 glue, let it cure for at least 12 hours, and not until then attach the CO2 sensor foil with the KwikSil glue (KwikSil cures very fast, within 5 min).


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