How can I install the SFRS on a PC with Windows 10?

SFRS must be installed using compatibility settings on a Windows 10 PC. The following steps describe the installation process in detail:

Please note: Depending on the available software on your PC, dotnet64.exe (included on the installation CD) may additionally have to be installed.

  • Start the SFRS.exe.
  • A dialog opens in which you are informed that Windows protected your PC. Click on 'More info' in the dialog and select 'Run anyway'.
Screenshot of the SFRS software window "Windows protected your PC"
  • An information window opens. Click 'OK' to proceed with the installation.
Screenshot of the information window of the SFRS with highlighted OK button.
  • The InstallShield Wizard appears. Click 'Finish' to exit the Wizard.
Screenshot of the InstallShield Wizard of the SFRS by PreSens
  • Run the SFRS.exe again. Now the Program Compatibility Assistant opens: choose to run the installation using compatibility settings.
Screenshot of the SFRS Program Compatibility Assistant
  • The InstallShield Wizard opens; click 'Next' to start the installation.
Screenshot of the InstallShield Wizard of the SFR Software by PreSens
  • Leave the Destination and Database Folder to the suggested settings and click 'Next'.
two screenshots of the InstallShield Wizard of the SFRS by PreSens
  • The SFRS is installed and a desktop shortcut is created. Click on the SFRS shortcut to start the software.
Screenshot of the installed SFRS and a desktop shortcut created by the software.


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