Which flasks can be used with the SFR vario?

Standard glass or plastic shake flasks from 125 mL up to 5 L, with or without baffles can be used for biomass measurement with the SFR vario. We advise to use flasks of clear material and without any scratches above the biomass optics for biomass monitoring.

For additional oxygen and pH measurement disposable shake flasks with integrated sensors in different sizes are available, with or without baffles.

If you want to use reusable shake flasks, PreSens offeres glass flasks with integrated oxygen sensor in different sizes. You can self-integrate one-time autoclavable pH and CO2 sensor spots in these flasks. We can provide an integration set (IS-SP) which eases the sensor integration. However, the pH and CO2 sensors have to be replaced for further cultivations.

Watch our videos on sensor spot integration in shake flasks:


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