Characterization of Cell Growth in Shake Flasks

In this webinar Dr. Gernot T. John, Director Marketing & Innovations at PreSens, will welcome a special guest lecturer: Dipl.- Ing. Rüdiger W. Maschke, Research Associate at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences.

Mr Maschke evaluated the method of backscattered light measurements for growth characterization and will share his experience and the results he obtained with the SFR vario for:

  •  bacteria (E. coli) & yeast (S. cerevisiae)
  •  plant cells (V. vinifera cv. Uva Italia) and
  •  mammalian cells (CHO DP-12)

You will get an introduction in the working principle of the multi-parameter monitoring system SFR vario, with an emphasis on the online biomass measurement principle, and learn how this device can be used for cell culture characterization and optimization with real application examples.


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