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December 20, 2016

Your product configuration summarized in an individual brochure

PreSens just released its completely new and responsive website, meeting its customers either on their application or showing them the customized solution for their needs with the new Product Finder resulting in an individual brochure. The brochure itself lists all products needed including product description and technical specifications. The PreSens webpage also assists with Featured Systems on the product pages – possible combinations of a meter, a matching sensor and possibly needed accessories.

General interest should arouse the profound Knowledge page, offering not only more than 300 publications and application notes on chemical optical sensor technology but also basic information as e. g. the Stern-Volmer Relationship or on kLa determination. More than 40 short video tutorials show how easy it is to work with PreSens products.

Illustrations with mouseover effect show the wide variety of application fields on the Industries page. The icons lead the user directly to suiting products and lists on one page product description, applications, technical specifications, related products, and support such as FAQs, manuals, etc.


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