Discover the Next Generation of Multi-Channel Oxygen Meters

March 2, 2021

The new OXY-4 SMA/ST (G3) devices convince with their low weight and small dimensions and as they are compatible with numerous sensor designs, they are ideally suited for a high variety of benchtop applications.

Process control in biotech & pharma, longterm measurements in soil, oxygen permeation measurements in PET bottles or in-line oxygen monitoring in 3D cell cultures – these are only a few exemplary application scenarios where users can benefit from the OXY-4 SMA/ST (trace) (G3). The meters allow to group several channels, and use the measurement values of one temperature sensor for compensation on all grouped sensors. As they are operated with the PreSens Measurement Studio 2 software, it is possible to control up to 10 devices at a time, which means networks of up to 40 sensors and additional pressure and salinity compensation.

These USB-powered G3 multi-channel oxygen meters are compatible with non-invasive sensors, microsensors, dipping probes and flow-through cells of type PSt3 / PSt7 (0 – 100 %O2, 0 – 45 mg/L), PSt6 (0 – 5 % O2, 0 – 2 mg/L) and PSt8 (0 – 10 % O2, 0 - 4.5 mg/L). The OXY-4 SMA/ST offer flexible solutions for most precise micro-invasive or non-invasive oxygen measurements. This next generation of multi-channel oxygen devices is ready for a wide range of demanding applications!



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