Facilitate calibrating of CO2 sensor foils

January 30, 2018

Small and portable gas canisters as little helper while visualizing CO2 distributions

The PreSens’ sensor foils for CO2, combined with the VisiSens Detector Unit DU03, visualizes CO2 distributions in 2D. This is, e. g., of special interest when observing microbial activity or geochemical processes in sediments, or for monitoring metabolic processes in plants and soils. A lot of these applications are not done in completely equipped large laboratories – but the preliminaries for measurements still remain the same.

The required sensor foil SF-CD1R needs at least a four-point calibration with gas mixtures of different CO2 content. Being in the field or working in small labs, a gas mixing system might not be at hand so easily. In this case, PreSens’ customers can use small and portable gas canisters and the respective accessories (valves, carrying bag, …). These are obtainable at e. g. AirProducts.


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