Green Light for Your Bioprocess Optimization

June 8, 2021

New PreSens Flask Studio software version now available for download!

The new PreSens Flask Studio version 4.6.13 has several new features that make monitoring your shake flask cultures even easier.
The Angle Detect function, which allows to find the right measurement angle for most precise biomass measurements has been optimized. It will suggest a measurement angle and you can see immediately if the angle for your specific culture conditions is optimal - in a traffic light representation. The new measurement angle can be applied with just one click.

Furthermore, SFR vario data can now be uploaded to the online bioprocess data management and analysis platform PAS-X Savvy (former name: InCyght if you have a respective license. The real-time upload of your shake flask bioprocess data enables you to share it with colleagues and have it accessible everywhere on different devices.

Update to the newest software version to get the most out of your bioprocess monitoring with SFR vario!

Please contact our service team to check compatibility with your hardware version.


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