More Robust Profiling now Available

July 28, 2018

Field studies on oxygen or pH measurements for profiling in coarse sediments or soils in harsh environments ask for reliable and stable equipment. The latest customized dipping probes by PreSens, combined with the matching micromanipulator, meet these requirements.

Whenever profiling in compact samples has to be performed and a sensor tip size in millimeter range is applicable, then the customized PreSens dipping probes are the ideal solution. These invasive O2 or pH optical sensors convince field researchers with their low-maintenance handling. The small outer dimensions do not disturb the flow and mass-transport and measure the in-situ concentrations and the mechanical robustness allows them to be implemented in soil for many years.

The dipping probes have a stainless steel fitting and can vary in length and diameter according to the requirements. With a minimum length of at least 10 cm they protrude beyond the head of the manipulator and the additional steel tube attached allows to screw them tight to the different types of micromanipulators, the MM / MM33 or AM.


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