Real-Life CHO Cultivation in Single Use Bags

Stephan C Kaiser, Franziska Fietz, Nina Steiger and Dieter Eibl

IPT Issue 45 June 2013

A novel fibre optic conversion model which connects single-use sensors to conventional controllers could provide new readings using electrochemical signals. How will the device fare after the application of an endurance test? In a recent study, a prototype fibre optic device has been applied for monitoring cultivation parameters in suspension-adapted Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell culture. This device converts the reading of chemical optical sensors integrated in the cultivation bag into electrochemical signals, which are transferred to a conventional controller. CHO cells were successfully cultivated for five days in this set-up. Although the culture showed untypical growth, correct functioning of the prototype device throughout the whole cultivation period was verified even though operational errors occurred.


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