This fiber optic system offers high-resolution O2 measurements with a sampling rate of 10 Hz. It consists of a small oxygen meter and an optical oxygen microsensor. The oxygen meter can directly be connected to your Nortek Vector and transmits the measurement values via 0 - 5 V analog output. The whole system is suitable for gaseous and dissolved O2 measurements in shallow waters (down to 10 m).The connected fiber optic microsensor with a tip size of 30 μm allows non-invasive and precise on-the-spot measurements while the flow velocity is not disturbed. The O2 microsensor is integrated in a robust steel cannula leaving only 3 mm of the sensitive sensor tip exposed. This way the sensor can safely be handled and the risk of accidental sensor damage is reduced to a minimum - ensuring reliable data collection. The inexpensive sensor can easily be exchanged. Expand your eddy covariance system with this oxygen flux amplifier!


  • O2 measurements with 10 Hz sampling rate
  • Robust optical sensor construction
  • 30 μm tip size - minimal flow disturbance
  • Linear calibration
  • Single cable plug-and-play connection to Nortek Vector
  • Easy and inexpensive sensor exchange

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OXY Flux
Eddy Covariance Oxygen Microsensor ECO-PSt7

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