PreSens' Featured OEM Components for CO2 Monitoring in Perfusion Systems

Electro-Optical Module EOM-CO2-FOM

The EOM-CO2-FOM are precise, single channel modules for non-invasive measurement. They are compatible with sensors type CD1 (measurement range from 10 - 250 hPa pCO2). The small outer dimensions and low power consumption enable a simple integration into custom monitoring and control systems. A serial communication protocol is offered for data exchange between a PC or another host unit and the EOM. RS232, RS485 or USB 2.0 is used as a digital interface. Additionally, the EOMs have 4 to 20 mA analog output. A Pt100 temperature sensor interface and the on-board pressure sensor ensure temperature and pressure compensated CO2 measurements.

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Single-Use CO2 Flow-Through Cell FTC-SU-CD1-09NaCl-S

A miniaturized optical CO2 sensor, immobilized on the distal end of a color-coded polycarbonate Luer adapter, is inserted in a polycarbonate T-cell with 1/8" lumen (0.3 mL volume). The sensor stick can be transferred under laminar flow to alternative FTCs e.g. with larger lumen, if they carry at least one Luer connector. The FTC-SU-CD1-09NaCl-S is ideally suited for measurements in media with physiological osmolality, e.g. in perfusion bioreactors for tissue engineering, or other culture monitoring applications. A polymer optical fiber connects the sensor inside the FTC to the CO2 meter. The cell is delivered beta-irradiated (> 25 kGy) in physiological saline solution to prevent the sensor to dry. The FTC-SU-CD1-09NaCl-S is compatible to the CO2-1 SMA. In combination with the PreSens Measurement Studio 2 software multiparameter monitoring together with single-use oxygen and pH flow-through cells can be performed.

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Polymer Optical Fiber POF

A polymer optical fiber (POF) is needed to transfer excitation light to the sensor and the sensor response back to the meter. We offer different versions for different meters depending on their optical connector type. A POF enables non-invasive and non-destructive measurements to be made from the outside through the wall of a transparent or slightly colored container. The POF with SMA connector is compatible with meters of the Fibox, OXY-1 SMA, OXY-1 WM,OXY mini and pH mini series, as well as the pCO2 mini. The POF with ST connector is compatible with meters of the Microx 4 and OXY-1 ST series. Different standard lengths are offered, e. g. 2.5 m, and fibers with connectors on one or both ends are available, depending on your adapter or sensor application.

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