Online CO2 Monitoring in Perfusion Systems

Single-Use CO2 Flow-Through Cell FTC-SU-CD1-09NaCl-S

A miniaturized optical CO2 sensor, immobilized on the distal end of a color-coded polycarbonate Luer adapter, is inserted in a polycarbonate T-cell with 1/8" lumen (0.3 mL volume). The sensor stick can be transferred under laminar flow to alternative FTCs e.g. with larger lumen, if they carry at least one Luer connector. The FTC-SU-CD1-09NaCl-S is ideally suited for measurements in media with physiological osmolality, e.g. in perfusion bioreactors for tissue engineering, or other culture monitoring applications. A polymer optical fiber connects the sensor inside the FTC to the CO2 meter. The cell is delivered beta-irradiated (> 25 kGy) in physiological saline solution to prevent the sensor to dry. The FTC-SU-CD1-09NaCl-S is compatible to the CO2-1 SMA. In combination with the PreSens Measurement Studio 2 software multiparameter monitoring together with single-use oxygen and pH flow-through cells can be performed.

  • Measurement range of 1 - 25 % CO2
  • Ready-to-use
  • Beta-irradiated
  • Sensor stick compatible with other cells with Luer connector
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Perfusion Monitoring for Biotech & Tissue Engineering

Single-use flow-through cells by PreSens are ideally suited for monitoring of perfusion bioreactors or within a bioreactor's bypass. The cells can easily be integrated in the flow path. Control of one or several FTCs and multiparameter monitoring can all be done from one PC with the PreSens Measurement Studio 2 software.


Measurement range 1 – 25 % CO2 at atmospheric pressure (1013.5 hPa)
10 - 250 hPa pCO2
8 – 190 mmHg pCO2
Resolution at 37 ºC ±0.06 % at 2 % CO2, ±0.15 % at 5 % CO2
±0.5 mmHg at 15mmHg pCO2, ±0.12 mmHg at 38 mmHg pCO2
Accuracy After multipoint-calibration and 1-point adjustment at 5 % CO2:
± 5 % of reading or 0.2 %; whichever is higher
After sensor batch-calibration and 1-point adjustment at 5% CO2:
± 10 % of reading or 0.3 %; whichever is higher**
Drift at 37 ºC < 0.3 % pCO2 per day (4 sec. measurement interval at 5 % pCO2)
Measurement temperature range From + 15 ºC to + 45 ºC
Response time (t90) at 20 ºC < 6 min. for change from 5 % to 10 % (38 mmHg to 76 mmHg) pCO2
Compatibility Aqueous solutions, pH 4 - 9
Cross-sensitivity Optical pCO2 sensors display cross-sensitivity to osmolality; acidic or alkaline gases (e.g. acetic acid, ammonia)
Stability Optical pCO2 sensors do not stand: organic solvents, pH above 10 or below 4
Cleaning procedure No cleaning; single-use product
Calibration Pre-calibrated for 20 °C, 37 °C and physiological osmolality; re-calibration is possible, 1-point adjustment is advised for accurate measurements (at ≥ 2 % CO2 (for optimal results ≥ 5 % CO2))
Storage stability 18 months provided the sensor is stored in the dark in its original package at room temperature
Irradiation Beta-irradiated ≥ 25kGy
T-cell formats 1/8" Luer T-cell (delivered), inner diameter 4.1 mm, cell volume 0.3 mL
Transfer of sensing element to alternative FTCs with Luer connector is possible

*provided the FTC-SU-CD1-09NaCl-S is used without further handling in aqueous solutions with physiologial osmolality
** ± 3 % (abs.) around the CO2 value of 1-point adjustment

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