Online Carbon Dioxide Monitoring in Perfusion Systems

CO2 Flow-Through Cell FTC-CD1

The FTC-CD1 consists of a miniaturized optical carbon dioxide sensor integrated in a glass tube with 7 mm outer diameter. A customized holder fixes the polymer optical fiber for sensor read out. The cell is autoclavable.

  • Online monitoring in perfusion systems
  • Contactless measurements through the cell wall
  • Measurement range from 10 - 250 hPa pCO2 (8 ... 180 mmHg)
  • No consumption of carbon dioxide
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PreSens CO2 Sensors as an Alternative to Off-line Sampling

PreSens CO2 sensors were evaluated for monitoring the cultivation cells in a 3-L bioreactor. The sensors show excellent long-term stability over a period of 10 days during cell cultivation of CHO cells with an initial seed density of 400,000 cells/mL. The readings of the PreSens CO2 sensor offer the possibility to continuously monitor the CO2 concentration between two off-line measurements.
Rick Baggio, Millipore Corporation, Bedford, MA, USA, Poster Presentation at ESACT2009, Dublin


*provided pCO2 spots are used without further handling in physiological solutions
**after multipoint calibration
***in a carbon dioxide incubator with 100 % rel. hum. at 5 % CO2; measurement interval of 1 min.
Measurement range 1 - 25 % CO2 at atmospheric pressure (1013.15 hPa)
10 - 250 hPa pCO2
8 - 180 mmHg pCO2

Resolution at 20 °C

± 0.06 % at 2 % CO2
± 0.15 % at 6 % CO2
± 0.5 mmHg at 15 mmHg pCO2
± 1.2 mmHg at 45 mmHg pCO2
Accuracy** ± 5 % of reading or 0.2 % (1.5 mmHg); whichever is higher
Drift at 37 °C*** Typically < 5 % of reading per week
Measurement temperature range from + 15 to + 45 °C
Response time (t90) at 20 °C < 3 min. for change from 2 % to 5 % (15 mmHg - 38 mmHg) pCO2
Compatibility Aqueous Solutions, pH 4 - 9
Cross-sensitivity Optical pCO2 sensors Display reduced cross-sensitivity to ionic strength (salinity); acetic acid, SO2, HCl vapours
Stability pCO2 sensors do not stand: organic solvents, pH above 10 or below 4
Cleaning procedure Depends on the sensor type used - please ask our experts
Calibration pCO2 spots are pre-calibrated, re-calibration is possible
Beta-irradiated  or autoclavable pCO2 sensors available
Storage stability 12 months provided the pCO2 sensor is stored in its original package

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