For Contactless Measurements with CO2 Sensor Spots

Electro-Optical-Module EOM-CO2-mini

The electro-optical-module EOM-CO2-mini is a precise OEM solution for non-invasive CO2 measurements. Assembled according to ISO 9001 they deliver certified quality. In addition, customization and validation of the integrated software is offered.

  • Experienced customer support
  • Variety of sensor integrations available
  • Assembled according to ISO 9001
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Biotechnology: Carbon Dioxide Monitoring in Process Development

In bioprocess development & production, monitoring dissolved CO2 in addition to pH and O2 provides valuable information. It ensures stress-free cultivation conditions during mammalian cell culture (e.g. CHO cell-line). Constant pH and / or oxygen supply and sufficient nutrition levels are key parameters to optimize yield. Thereby, excess CO2 can act as a stressor or even a toxin to the culture and has to be controlled. The chemical optical CO2 sensors can enhance performance of process monitoring during cultivation in disposables, leading to process optimization.

Scientific: Carbon Dioxide Monitoring for Biological Applications

Increased CO2 uptake from the atmosphere caused by anthropogenic sources is believed to cause ocean acidification, with not yet foreseeable effects on marine life and ecosystem. Monitoring pCO2 in experimental set-ups simulating future levels of carbon dioxide can help to gain knowledge on the effects of ocean acidification on marine fauna. Besides the marine application, monitoring pCO2 also allows knowledge to be gained on land-based plant physiology. Monitoring pCO2 helps increasing yield during aquaculture of fish (fish farming) by providing convenient growth conditions. Excess carbon dioxide levels need to be monitored as this leads to hyperventilation of sea animals.

Simple Connection to PLC

PLC programming can be a challenging and time-consuming task. Establishing a stable working connection to third-party hardware via interfaces such as RS485 is error prone. PreSens offers you the right support! We provide LAD-schemes and SCL-scripts, the corresponding TIA-project files and even wiring tables to help you connecting your EOM boards to a Siemens-S7-(1200-)PLC, nearly instantly. Nothing stands in the way of further development into company-specific solutions such as process control. Contact our service team!


CO2 sensors CD1
Phase resolution 0.05 °
Minimal sampling rate 1 sec.
Supply voltage 7 - 18 V
Power consumption in active mode 1.5 W
Power consumption in standby mode 0.6 W
Temperature: operating / storage from 0 °C to + 50 °C / - 10 °C to + 70 °C
Relative humidity up to 80 % (non condensing)
Dimensions 40 mm x 100 mm x 24 mm
Weight 70 g
Digital interface RS232 interface (optional RS485)

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