Is it necessary to coat VisiSens sensor foils with cell adhesion promoting proteins, and how do I coat them?

When using the O2 Sensor Foils SF-RPSu4 with the optical isolation white (OIW) layer as cell substrate, we recommend coating (according to the instructions below) to promote cell adhesion. For SF-RPSu4 without OIW and SF-HP5R coating is not mandatory.

The table below lists all cell lines that have been tested for their adhesion to SF-RPSu4 and SF-HP5R:

Sensor MaterialCell Type
Confluent Cell Layer (after 24 hours)
O2: SF-RPSu4-OIWMDCK IINoRecommended
O2: SF-RPSu4 without OIWMDCK IIYesNot mandatory
O2: SF-RPSu4 without OIWNRKYesNot mandatory
O2: SF-RPSu4 without OIWBAECYesNot mandatory
O2: SF-RPSu4 without OIWU-373YesNot mandatory
pH: SF-HP5RMDCK IIYesNot mandatory


Coating instructions:

  1. Attack the sensor foils to your cell culture vessels (e.g. Petri dish, well plate or cover slip) with the provided silicone adhesive, high vacuum grease, or use self-adhesive sensor foils. When using a silicone adhesive, allow for 24 h of curing. Then rinse the surface with water or buffer to remove acetic acid liberated during curing.
  2. Apply coating solution for 1 h at the temperature indicated in the table below. Make sure the coating solution covers the sensor foils completely. Please note that hydration of the pH sensor foil (hydrogel) takes extra time that should be added to the total time for coating.
  3. Aspirate the coating solution after 1 h and seed the cells.

Coating Material
Incubation Parameters
Culture mediumcont. 5 % (v/v) serum1 h, 37 °C, 5 % CO2
Fetal Calf Serum (FCS)pure1 h, 37 °C, 5 % CO2
Fibronectin (from human plasma)25 µg/mL1 h, room temperature
Gelatin0.5 % (w/v)1 h, 37 °C, 5 % CO2
Poly-L-lysine100 µg/mL1 h, room temperature




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