Bavarian Research Foundation Supports New Consortium for Tumor Diagnostics

August 19, 2019

The research association FORTiTher 'Tumor Diagnostics for Individualized Therapy' will receive about 2 million Euros to work on new high-tech test procedures in the next few years. An oxygen imaging system from PreSens will also be used.

The main topic of the association is the development of new diagnostic methods, with which tumors should be characterized as accurately as possible. This would enable physicians to gain a comprehensive picture of malignancy, growth and the effectiveness of certain drugs on the tumor in the future and to tailor treatment strategies.

Scientists from the Universities of Würzburg, Regensburg and the LMU Munich are working together with partners from the business sector, including PreSens. The modular VisiSens TD imaging system with MIC configuration is used to perform high-resolution oxygen imaging on a microscale especially on tumor cell spheroids.

The consortium will bring together technologies from various sectors and create a basis for the timely integration of the new testing procedures into medical care.


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