Line of multiwell plates formats for SDR extended

April 1, 2009

The line of multidishes compatible to the SDR SensorDish Reader is extended by 6-well dishes in addition to the 24-well plates.

The SDR is a small, 24-channel reader for on-line monitoring of dissolved oxygen and pH in multidishes. Now PreSens is extending its line of compatible multidishes. In addition to the existing 24-well multidishes now 6-well plates are offered also. For applications demanding more volume or a higher oxygen ingress, the instrument can be used with 6-well OxoDishes (oxygen) or HydroDishes (pH). This 6-well plate contains an oxygen or a pH sensor in every well. The small SDR SensorDish Reader by PreSens can be used directly in the incubator to guarantee optimal environment for your cells or microbes.


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