Measure CO2 in Media of Physiological Osmolality

April 29, 2020

The new single-use flow-through cell for dissolved CO2 measurements completes the well-proofed range of PreSens FTCs for precise online measurements in complex bioreactor or perfusion systems.

The single-use flow-through cells FTC-SU by PreSens for oxygen and pH measurements with integrated miniaturized chemical optical sensors are now supplemented by the new CO2 FTC-SU. This allows scientists e. g. to monitor O2 and CO2 in an isolated perfused heart test stand, to monitor pH in a liver cell bioreactor or to combine even all three parameters by monitoring a perfusate before and after it passed through a free muscle flap.

The three variants of sensors are attached to color coded sensor sticks, which can be attached via Luer connector to sterile flow-through cells of different size and T- or Y-shape in a laminar flow workbench (for various flow rates, according to customers’ requirements). Preconfigured oxygen or pH FTC-SUs can be delivered for sterilization by customer. The FTC-SUs are made of polycarbonate and can be delivered beta irradiated (FTC-SU-O2, pH, CO2) or non-irradiated (O2, pH). The sensor sticks can be connected to respective measurement meters with a polymer optical fiber (POF), which is available in lengths of up to 5 meters.

The design of the FTC-SUs by PreSens enables users to combine these flow-through cells with sensor sticks, and POFs of different lengths in any possible combination. This offers a maximum in flexibility – it simplifies applications with physiological solutions or culture media in complex bioreactor systems. And hopefully, one day, our successfully evaluated single-use flow-through cells will enter the space by flying to the ISS … read more!



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