Perfusion Cell Culture Monitoring Using Sensor Sticks

August 4, 2021

Perfusion monitoring of cell cultures in biotechnology or medical research can now rely on easy-to-use, precise and inexpensive tools for rapid checks or continuous measurement of oxygen, CO2 and pH. The Sensor Sticks SST by PreSens comprise Luer Lock adapters with miniaturized O2, pH or CO2 chemical-optical sensor.

Sensor Sticks allow for a nearly effortless way to monitor process parameters in perfusion reactors, systems or experimental set-ups. SSTs rely on standard-luer-connectors for the integration in pre-sterilized systems, enabling non-invasive measurements, independent of flow rate or electromagnetic fields. Different system lumina can be addressed by selecting the proper flow through cell diameter with at least one female luer lock connector.

The wide range of applications shows that both quick checks and continuous measurements, even in perfusion studies lasting several days, are possible with the sensor sticks. The SSTs support the development of laboratory and pharmaceutical devices and the testing of medical products for use in anesthesia and intensive care medicine. Satisfied customers also come from bioprocess development, cell therapy and stem cell research, regenerative medicine and organ transplant therapy. Even in the development of laboratory-grown leather via tissue engineering, perfusion cell culture monitoring using sensor sticks is a valuable asset.


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