PreSens at the Company Run 2018

July 19, 2018

Two thousand runners, 6.8 km and 28 °C - this year's "REWAG Firmenlauf" was a major challenge for our 11 staff members. The event took place on Wednesday, July 18, here in Regensburg, where local companies, associations and other organizations could show their sporting spirit.

At point 7 PM the run started at the REWAG premises. Although the organizer, LCC Marathon Regenburg e. V., provided cool drinks, all our staff members agreed, that the heat was the main obstacle this year. Nevertheless, our team managed final rankings from the top 30 to the middle field. The drink for celebrating after the run was well earned! Like always - our colleagues stated - it was great fun, and a chance to get together outside the work environment.

This year part of the run's application fees will be donated to, an organization offering online and telephone consultation for children and young people.

Congratulations to our team!


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