SmartLab - Networking at PreSens

July 5, 2018

PreSens hosted the 9th ZIM-Network-Meeting of “SmartLab – Intelligent Future Laboratory” in Regensburg on June 26th, 2018. It was one more step towards the development and standardization of innovative laboratory technologies.

PreSens not only welcomed partners from the network, but with the Wessling GmbH, the Stadtwerke Munich and the Berliner Wasserbetriebe also three of the big German laboratories. Those reported on their needs and requirements for a laboratory and the network partners present discussed possible implementation approaches for their aim – the “Laboratory 4.0”.

The overall goal of the network is the development and standardization of innovative laboratory technologies and related applications and solutions. With their help, processes should be simplified, quality improved, and efficiency and process reliability increased at the same time. In order for the laboratory environment to be able to meet all requirements, all components and functionalities must interlock and robotic systems take on many tasks. The really pioneering aspect of the smartLAB, however, is the interaction of the individual devices and the use of specially developed software. The “Laboratory 4.0” shall work completely networked, which is still the exception in laboratory reality.

In the course of the day, ongoing projects within the Network were briefly presented, so that all partners were up-to-date with regard to the different activities. Of course, PreSens also took the opportunity to present its broad range of products used in laboratories. When the meeting ended with a lecture by Dr. Lenk, Technical University Dresden” on digitization and automation in the laboratory” all attendees agreed that this network meeting did get them a step closer to their mutual goal – the “SmartLab”.


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