Contactless measurements & in-process monitoring

CO2 Sensor Spot SP-CD1

The CO2 sensor spots measure the partial pressure of dissolved carbon dioxide. The spots are fixed on the inner surface of glass or transparent plastic vessels. Measurements are then taken contactless from the outside through the transparent container material.

  • Re-usable & disposable sensors
  • Online monitoring
  • Non-invasive & non-destructive measurement
  • Measurement range from 10 - 250 hPa pCO2 (8 ... 180 mmHg)
  • No consumption of carbon dioxide
  • Measures carbon dioxide in liquids
  • Beta-irradiated and autoclavable sensors available
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Biotechnology: Carbon Dioxide Monitoring in Process Development

In bioprocess development & production, monitoring dissolved CO2 in addition to pH and O2 provides valuable information. It ensures stress-free cultivation conditions during mammalian cell culture (e.g. CHO cell-line). Constant pH and / or oxygen supply and sufficient nutrition levels are key parameters to optimize yield. Thereby, excess CO2 can act as a stressor or even a toxin to the culture and has to be controlled. The chemical optical CO2 sensors can enhance performance of process monitoring during cultivation in disposables, leading to process optimization.

PreSens CO2 Sensors as an Alternative to Off-line Sampling

PreSens CO2 sensors were evaluated for monitoring the cultivation cells in a 3-L bioreactor. The sensors show excellent long-term stability over a period of 10 days during cell cultivation of CHO cells with an initial seed density of 400,000 cells/mL. The readings of the PreSens CO2 sensor offer the possibility to continuously monitor the CO2 concentration between two off-line measurements.
Rick Baggio, Millipore Corporation, Bedford, MA, USA, Poster Presentation at ESACT2009, Dublin



* provided pCO2 spots are used without further handling in physiological solutions
**after multipoint calibration
*** in a carbon dioxide incubator with 100 % rel. hum. at 5 % CO2; measurement interval of 1 min.

Measurement range

1 - 25 % CO2 at atmospheric pressure (1013.15 hPa)
10 - 250 hPa pCO2
8 - 180 mmHg pCO2

Resolution at + 20 °C

± 0.06 % at 2 % CO2
± 0.15 % at 6 % CO2
± 0.5 mmHg at 15 mmHg pCO2
± 1.2 mmHg at 45 mmHg pCO2


± 5 % of reading or 0.2 % (1.5 mmHg); whichever is higher

Drift at + 37 °C***

typically < 5 % of reading per week

Measurement temperature range

from + 15 to + 45 °C

Response time (t90)
at + 20 °C

< 3 min. for change from 2 % to 5 % (15 mmHg - 38 mmHg) pCO2




Aqueous solutions, pH 4 - 9


Optical pCO2 sensors display reduced cross-sensitivity to ionic strength (salinity); acetic acid, SO2, HCl vapours


pCO2 sensors do not stand: organic solvents, pH above 10 or below 4

Cleaning procedure

Depends on the sensor type used  - please ask our experts


pCO2 spots are pre-calibrated , re-calibration is possible
Beta-irradiated or autoclavable pCO2 sensors available

Storage stability

12 months provided the pCO2 sensor is stored in its original package

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