Luer Lock Adapter with Sensor for Customized Integration

CO2 Sensor Stick SST-CD1-308-S-SB

This Luer Lock adapter is equipped with a miniaturized CO2 Sensor Spot type CD1 (measurement range 1 – 25 % CO2 / 8 – 190 mmHg pCO2). A polymer optical fiber is attached to the Sensor Stick and connects it to a small benchtop CO2 meter or OEM board. This way continuous, non-invasive CO2 measurements can be performed. The CO2 Sensor Stick is delivered irradiated and can easily be integrated in customer specific flow-through cells or experimental set-ups via Luer connectors. The SST-CD1-308-S-SB is independent of flow velocity or electromagnetic fields and due to its small size, it can be implemented in many set-ups where other measurement equipment simply does not fit. As it is delivered in a squeeze bag with saline solution the sensor is pre-wetted and ready for measurements.

  • Non-invasive CO2 measurements in a range of 1 – 25 % CO2 / 8 – 190 mmHg pCO2
  • Pre-conditioned sensor ready for measurement
  • Small size
  • Easy connection via Luer Lock
  • For customized integration & perfusion cell culture monitoring
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Online Measurement in Perfusion Bioreactors

Gamma-irradiated and pre-calibrated CO2, pH and O2 Sensor Sticks can be integrated into perfusion systems via Luer connectors. Together with small electro-optical modules that can be installed in the control unit, the sensors enable you to easily control process parameters in perfusion bioreactors.


Measurement range 1 – 25 % CO2 at atmospheric pressure (1013.5 hPa)
10 - 250 hPa pCO2
8 – 190 mmHg pCO2
Resolution at 37 ºC ±0.06 % at 2 % CO2, ±0.15 % at 5 % CO2
±0.5 mmHg at 15mmHg pCO2, ±0.12 mmHg at 38 mmHg pCO2
Accuracy After multipoint-calibration and 1-point adjustment at 5 % CO2:
± 5 % of reading or 0.2 %; whichever is higher
After sensor batch-calibration and 1-point adjustment at 5% CO2:
± 10 % of reading or 0.3 %; whichever is higher**
Drift at 37 ºC < 0.3 % pCO2 per day (4 sec. measurement interval at 5 % pCO2)
Measurement temperature range From + 15 ºC to + 45 ºC
Response time (t90) at 20 ºC < 6 min. for change from 5 % to 10 % (38 mmHg to 76 mmHg) pCO2
Compatibility Aqueous solutions, pH 4 - 9
Cross-sensitivity Optical pCO2 sensors display cross-sensitivity to osmolality; acidic or alkaline gases (e.g. acetic acid, ammonia)
Stability Optical pCO2 sensors do not stand: organic solvents, pH above 10 or below 4
Cleaning procedure No cleaning; single-use product
Calibration Pre-calibrated for 20 °C, 37 °C and physiological osmolality; re-calibration is possible, 1-point adjustment is advised for accurate measurements (at ≥ 2 % CO2 (for optimal results ≥ 5 % CO2))
Storage stability 18 months provided the sensor is stored in the dark in its original package at room temperature
Irradiation Gamma-irradiated > 25kGy

*provided the SST-CD1-308-S-SB is used without further handling in aqueous solutions with physiologial osmolality
** ± 3 % (abs.) around the CO2 value of 1-point adjustment

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