Special Shake Flask Clamps for Sensor Flask Read-out

Clamps Universal SFS

These clamps are used with the SFR Shake Flask Reader and the SFR vario. They ensure that the sensors integrated in the SFS Sensor Flasks are aligned correctly with the reader optics. There are two additional holes in the base plate for the two knobs on the plastic SFS bottom, so the flask will snap into place. Furthermore, the clamp has a recess for the biomass optics of the SFR vario and a sideways arm that holds glass flasks with integrated sensors in the correct position above the optics.

  • For glass and plastic flasks with integrated sensors
  • For Sensor Flasks from 125 mL to 5000 mL volume
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Dimensions / Weight

125 mL: ∅ 70 mm, 45 g
250 mL: ∅ 85 mm, 80 g
500 mL: ∅ 100 mm, 125 g
1000 mL: ∅ 130 mm, 225 g
2000 mL: ∅ 165 mm, 335 g
3000 mL: ∅ 230 mm, 700 g
5000 mL: ∅ 230 mm, 700 g

Compatibility SFR, SFRvario

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