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Multi-Parameter Systems for Highly Parallelized Optical Measurements

PreSens offers special systems for simultaneous online monitoring of multiple parameters, and highly parallelized measurements in a multitude of samples. These readers can directly be installed inside shaking incubators and allow non-invasive oxygen and pH monitoring in different cultivation vessels, or even optical biomass measurement in shake flasks. Our different multi-parameter systems are designed for culture monitoring applications from mL up to several L scale.

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SFR Shake Flask Reader with Sensor Flasks placed in all positions

SFR Shake Flaks Reader + Sensor Flasks SFS + Clamps

O2 & pH monitoring in up to 9 shake flasks
  • Parallel oxygen and pH monitoring in shake flasks
  • Easy integration in shaker / incubator
  • No need for sampling

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    Oxygen Uptake Rate Calculation

    The oxygen content inside shake flasks results from oxygen consumption by the cells / microorganisms inside the culture media and continuous oxygen transfer from outside into the media. In order to determine the oxygen uptake rate (OUR) of the cells / microorganisms the oxygen transfer into the shake flask has to be taken into account. Find more information on our Sensor Basics Page on OUR!
    The PreSens SFR Shake Flask Reader and the SFR vario offer automatic oxygen uptake rate determination. The OUR can be calculated from the slope of the measured oxygen concentration over time automatically with the SFR software and the PreSens Flask Studio.