Connect your pH or CO2 SensorPlug with the Meter

SMA-ST Adapter

This adapter is an accessory for SensorPlugs. As SensorPlugs work with a 1 mm polymer optical fiber with ST connector, the adapter is needed to connect the fiber to the SMA port on the respective meter (pH-1 SMA HP5 or CO2-1 SMA).
The SMA-ST Adapter is tested for SensorPlugs. It is not suited to connect other sensors with ST fiber connector (e.g. microsensors) to an optical meter with SMA connector!

  • Connect 1 mm ST fiber to a SMA port
  • For use with pH and CO2 SensorPlugs
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Dimensions Length: 71 mm, outer diameter: 12.5 mm
Connector type 1 SMA connector, 1 ST connector
Compatibility For use with SensorPlugs only!
pH-1 SMA HP5, CO2-1 SMA

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