Online Oxygen Measurements through the Bottom of Shake and Spinner Flasks

Coaster for Shake Flasks CFG

The coaster CFG is placed underneath the shake flask with integrated sensor and connected via polymer optical fiber to the respective meter, for sensor read-out through the bottom. It is adjustable to flasks of different sizes. The coaster is designed for oxygen measurement only. For pH and CO2 we offer different solution. An optical fiber with 2.5 m length and an SMA connector is integrated into the adapter.

  • Extends usage of oxygen meters
  • Easy sensor reading through flat vessel bottom
  • Adjustable to different sizes of shake flasks
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Dimensions (D x W x H)Approx. 93.0 mm x 41.0 mm x 16.0 mm
Connector typeSMA socket
Length of fiber2.5 m
CompatibilityShake / spinner flasks up to 1 L
All devices with SMA connectors, e. g. Fibox 4, OXY-10 mini

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