Ultra-Low Oxygen Measurements in Pipes

Oxygen Exchange Window OEW-PSt9

The oxygen exchange window with sensor type PSt9 is integrated in a metal flow-through connector FTM-PSt9. With the exchange window a used sensor coating inside the FTM can easily be replaced. The PSt9 type sensor allows monitoring ultra-low oxygen concentrations of 0 - 200 ppmv oxygen in gases.

  • Contactless measurements down to 0.5 ppmv oxygen
  • No consumption of oxygen
  • Polarization-free
  • Long-term stability
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Specifications Gaseous O2
*after two-point calibration as described in the manual
Measurement range 0 - 200 ppmv oxygen
Limit of detection 0.5 ppmv oxygen
Resolution 10 ± 0.5 ppmv oxygen
100 ± 0.8 ppmv oxygen
200 ± 1.5 ppmv oxygen
Accuracy at + 20 °C* ± 2 ppmv oxygen or ± 5 %, whichever is higher
Measurement temperature range from 0 to + 40 °C
Response time (t90) < 3 sec.
Compatibility Gas phase only
No cross-sensitivity CO2, SO2
Cross-sensitivity Organic vapor, Chlorine gas
Calibration Two-point calibration with oxygen-free environment (nitrogen 6.0) and a second calibration value optimally between 100 and 200 ppmv gaseous oxygen
Storage stability 24 months provided the sensor material is stored in the dark at room temperature

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