Control Software for the VisiSens™ A3 CO2 Imaging System

VisiSens™ AnalytiCal 3 Software

This software allows controlling the image recording process with the VisiSens A3 CO2 imaging system, and assists the image processing process and data analysis. An easy-to-use acquisition module manages image recording and storage. Measurements which belong together can be organized as user defined sessions. Single images or time series measurements can be performed to analyze both spatial and temporal changes in analyte concentration. The software’s evaluation module allows image processing and multiple options for image display. For analysis a number of functions are supplied.

  • Display the sensor response in false color image
  • Display the actual pixel information
  • Display ROI statistic
  • Interactive x- and y-axis profiles
  • Z-axis profiles for plotting ROI average at defined coordinates
  • Follow kinetics through a time series and display as 2D-plot
  • Side-by-side image comparison of selected images
  • Alpha blending of false color sensor response with color image


  Minimum System Requirements Suggested Configuration
Operating system

Microsoft® Windows® XP, Vista™ or

Microsoft® Windows® 7 (32 or 64 Bit)
Microsoft® Windows® 7 (64 Bit)
Processor 2.4 GHz Pentium IV or adequate AMD Athlon Processor Intel ‘i ‘ series or adequate AMD Processor (or higher)
RAM 2 GB 4 GB or more
Memory capacity for graphic board 256 MB 1 GB or more
Hard disk 1 GB free memory 250 GB or more free memory
USB USB 2.0 USB 2.0
Screen resolution 1366 x 768 (16:9)
1280 x 800 (16:10)
1280 x 1024 (5:4)

1680 x 1050 or higher

(16:9 or 16:10)

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