Secure Set-Up of VisiSens TD Big Area Imaging Kit

VisiSens TD Mounting Rack

With this aluminum rack, the VisiSens TD Big Area Imaging Kit can be mounted in various modifications. Adapt the VisiSens TD light source accessory to your specific measurement set-up, while all the equipment is securely held in place.

  • Secure mounting of VisiSens TD Big Area Imaging Kit
  • Quick-lock levers for fast modification of the set-up
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Visualizing Metabolic Activity over Large Sample Surfaces

The VisiSens TD system is applied to image larger areas and gather information about spatial and temporal changes of analyte distributions within these areas. As an example, VisiSens TD is already applied for large scale pH and CO2 imaging within rhizotrons to analyze biogeochemical processes in root systems and root-soil interactions. Metabolic activity of living samples can be visualized, and further analyzed with the VisiSens ScientifiCal software. As the system allows non-invasive data recording it is ideally suited for application in sensitive processes, e. g. tissue engineering, where oxygen distributions over a cross section of a 3D graft could be monitored. The sensor foils can also be mounted inside multiwell plates and several samples recorded in one image, showing differences between samples (see figure on the left).


Dimensions 41 cm x 23 cm x 8 cm
Weight 1.2 kg
Mounting 180° angle movable joints with quick-lock levers
Material Stainless steel and aluminum

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