PreSens' Featured System for O2, pH & CO2 Measurements


This compact multi-channel meter has a channel for oxygen (0 – 100 % O2), pH (5.5 – 8.5 pH) and CO2 (1 – 25 % CO2). It is compatible with non-invasive sensors, dipping probes and flow-through cells and can be used in multiple applications, like benchtop bioreactor monitoring, respirometry or microfluidics. Each channel of the MCR-O1P1C1 has separate temperature compensation, so most precise measurements in environments with changing temperatures can be taken.

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PreSens Measurement Studio 2

The PreSens Measurement Studio 2 has been developed and designed to control several PreSens devices connected to a PC / notebook with one software. It enables data transfer between device and PC / notebook. Easy data management for sensors, measurement files, and users as well as export of files into .csv format can be realized with just a few clicks. The intuitive measurement control eases performing precise oxygen measurements with a multitude of devices simultaneously.

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Oxygen Sensor Spot SP-PSt3-NAU

Sensor spots are the most versatile version of non-invasive optical oxygen sensors. The red side of the spot can be attached to the inner surface of any transparent glass or plastic vessel like e. g. shake and spinner flasks, tubes, Petri dishes or cultivation bags. Oxygen is measured contactless and non-destructively through the transparent vessel wall. The SP-PSt3-NAU has a measurement range of 0 – 100 % oxygen in dissolved or gaseous phase.

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Self-adhesive pH Sensor Spot SP-HP5-SA

The new self-adhesive technology simplifies the integration of these sensor spots. They can be mounted in transparent glass or plastic vessels. The pH is measured non-invasively and non-destructively from the outside – through the vessel wall. Optimized for physiological solutions and culture media these sensors are especially suited for bioprocess development or pharmaceutical applications. They are available irradiated or untreated. These sensor spots come pre-calibrated and ready-to-use. One-time autoclaving is possible.

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CO2 Sensor Spot SP-CD1

The CO2 sensor spots measure the partial pressure of dissolved carbon dioxide. The spots are fixed on the inner surface of glass or transparent plastic vessels. Measurements are then taken contactless from the outside through the transparent container material.

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Polymer Optical Fiber POF

A polymer optical fiber (POF) is needed to transfer excitation light to the sensor and the sensor response back to the meter. We offer different versions for different meters depending on their optical connector type. A POF enables non-invasive and non-destructive measurements to be made from the outside through the wall of a transparent or slightly colored container.

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