Make your Microfluidic Application a Success

March 4, 2020

With the new "SensorPlugs" from PreSens, oxygen, carbon dioxide and the pH value can be monitored directly in micro-channels, which is an important factor for success. This enables e. g. a precise control of biological reactions and thus provide crucial information about the reaction rae in the tissue, e. g. in the fight against cancer.

The SensorPlugs for O2, pH and CO2 are specifically designed for millifluidic and microfluidic applications. Microfluidics allow e. g. to cultivate and test human cells and tissue in such a way that it corresponds to the conditions in the human body. Organ-on-a-chip technology simulates the physiology and mechanics of organs, organ systems or tissues on a micro scale on chips the size of a playing card. These organ systems can be placed on the chip in different compartments. "The new measurement technology can thus be used for the most precise cell analysis, and in the near future will help to reduce the number of ethically questionable animal experiments," explains Dr. Gernot John, Director of Marketing and Innovation at the company.

SensorPlugs by PreSens are attached to a Mini-Luer plug carrying a sensor spot of about 2 mm on the tip, which can easily be integrated in a chip with the corresponding port so the spot is in contact with the sample inside the channel. The pre-calibrated and beta irradiated sensors are read out with compact meters (OXY-1 ST, pH-1 SMA or CO2-1 SMA), and measurements for one or all analytes can be controlled with the PreSens Measurement Studio 2 software.


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