New Metal Flow-Through Cell

September 30, 2019

Continuously growing variant diversity of oxygen flow-through cells by PreSens

Why does PreSens offer such a vast number of flow-through cells (FTCs)? And who benefits from this variety? The explanation is simple: The scope of applications is just as broad as the wide assortment of flow-through cells and PreSens will continue to customize this type of oxygen sensors.

The FTCs are available in single-use (FTC-SU) or autoclavable variants (FTC-YAU) in different sizes and shapes for various flow rates. Therefore, they are perfectly suited for online oxygen monitoring in perfusion systems as requested in ecological research, zoology, limnology, geosciences, or solid state technology.

The second group of FTCs includes those with an oxygen microsensor integrated in a metal housing (FTCMs) – the first choice for oxygen monitoring in perfusion systems with smallest volumes. They measure in liquids just as well as in the gas phase and customers from the food sector, bioengineering, medical and life science research or natural substance research ask for them.

And finally, PreSens offers the group of oxygen probes integrated in a metal flow-through connector (FTM-M10). This is the group where our latest version of an FTC belongs, where the polymer optical fiber can magnetically be connected. These FTMs are autoclavable, have a long-term stability and they can be integrated in pipes. Users belong e. g. to the food & beverage industry, to bioengineering companies or produce microchips.


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