Fully Automated, High Resolution Control for Your Microsensor

Automated Micromanipulator AM

The Automated Micromanipulator is specifically designed for profiling applications with the PreSens profiling microsensor (PM), and can also be operated with needle-type housed (NTH) and implantable (IMP) microsensors, as well as dipping probes (DP). With this system the microsensor can be moved vibration-free with µm reading accuracy and it enables exact localization of the sensor in the sample. Automated profiling can be performed along one dimension in µm resolution. The micromanipulator additionally comprises a tilting platform so the microsensor can be adjusted at an angled position. The associated user-friendly, and database-supported software PreSens Profiling Studio allows easy control of the AM and the respective oxygen, pH or CO2 meter via USB. The software offers multiple features from clear data organization and export, easy creation of profiling templates, to analysis functions.

  • Fully automated system
  • No electrical interference due to optical measurement
  • Adaptable to any sample
  • Software PreSens Profiling Studio included
  • Easy USB connection
  • Individual profile and step-zone definition
  • Compact, with additional manual motor control
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Profiling of Sediments & Biofilms

Together with the specially designed PreSens Profiling Microsensors (PM) the Automated Micromanipulator is the ideal tool for oxygen or pH measurements in sediment and biofilm applications. With a free choice of step zones and wait times different layers inside the sample can be monitored and assessed in step sizes down to 10 μm. The software visualizes the online measurements, so you can follow gradients and identify boundaries immediately while the sensor is automatically moved inside the sample.

Automated Measurements in Biological & Environmental Research

The Automated Micromanipulator’s set-up is highly adaptable and can be adjusted to almost every sample. As the sensor is moved vibration-free with the motorized stage, localization inside tissues or detection of gradients inside smallest volumes can be realized. But also water quality assessment or respiration measurements can profit from automated profiling. The clear database supported storage allows easy overview in long-term experiments with different measurement cycles.

Profiling in Medical & Life Science Applications

High resolution oxygen or pH measurements with the Automated Micromanipulator can provide vital information when examining tissue constructs, tumor tissue samples, or cell cultures. The Automated Micromanipulator can be mounted to the PreSens Heavy Stand, which enables a most stable set-up. The microsensor can then be moved automatically, and absolutely vibration-free in step sizes down to 10 μm. The online visualized and annotated measurement data can help control culture conditions or analyze the development of gradients in real time.


Compatibility Profiling (PM), Needle-type Housed (NTH) and Implantable (IMP) oxygen, pH & CO2 microsensors
Dimensions 275 mm x 95 mm x 220 mm
Weight 2 kg
Travel range automated x-axis: 75 mm
Travel range manual

x-axis: 37 mm, fine drive: 10 mm
y-axis: 20 mm
z-axis: 25 mm

Resolution 1 µm
Repeatability < 2.5 µm
Mounting adapter M6 screws, 13 mm length
Power supply 100 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz
Use supplied power adapter (15 VDC, 2.1 mm center poisitve plug) only.
Digital interface USB interface (cable included)
Control software PreSens Profiling Studio (compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 at 32 or 64 bit)

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