Analytes, Number of Channels or Sensor Types - Create your Matching Set-up

May 3, 2021

Demanding table-top applications can now benefit from the new MCR-O1P1C1 multiparameter device or the combination of PreSens’ compact SMA devices by creating a multiparameter and -channel set-up. Control only those measuring devices with the PMS2 software that are required for the respective application.

The need for precise, tailor-made, fast and reliable methods in the most diverse areas of research or product development has seldom appeared more decisive than it is at the moment. Regardless of whether you want to e. g. monitor the processes in small bioreactors, microfluidics or if you need to measure the metabolic rate of living organisms, the immense freedom of combining measurement parameters with all types of sensors can make the difference.

PreSens offers a new optical O2, pH & CO2 meter: the all-in-one three-channel MCR-O1P1C1 is compact, light-weight (430 g) and economic. Alternatively, the single- or multi-channel SMA devices for either oxygen (0 – 100 % O2), pH (5.5 – 8.5 pH) or CO2 (1 – 25 % CO2) allow to create a multi-parameter and multi-channel set-up according to the requirements of the respective application. Any set-up chosen will be operated with the same PreSens Measurement Software PMS2, enabeling simultaneous control of all devices connected. The USB-powered devices in combination with the software allow pressure and salinity compensation and the separate temperature compensation of each single channcel makes them to a well suited tool for measurements in environments with changing temperatures.

An additional benefit is the variety of sensor types which can be operated with any of the described set-ups. The meters are compatible with dipping probes, flow-through cells, non-invasive sensor spots, sensor plugs or sensor sticks. This flexibility in the composition of analytes, number of measuring channels and sensor types enables exciting applications such as monitoring O2, pH and CO2 in microfluidic mammalian cell cultures, examining the effect of chewing xylitol gum on salivary, a real-time and non-invasive monitoring of microglia polarization, monitoring potential contamination in the culture meat bioprocess, doing long-term measurements in stirred-tank bioreactors or developing a biomimetic lung-on-a-chip platform.



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