Measure Down to Ambient CO2 Levels with our New Device & Dipping Probes

November 30, 2021

The new CO2-1 ST carbon dioxide meter can be used with the new PreSens CO2 dipping probes, that have a measurement range of 0.02 – 5 % CO2. This makes this measurement set-up ideal for plant and animal physiology applications or analyzing liquids. The device is made for measurement of dissolved CO2 in aqueous solutions.

Our new carbon dioxide meter is very compact and can be set up almost anywhere. The device has automatic temperature compensation and is USB powered, so no extra power adapter is needed. It is controlled with the PreSens Measurement Studio 2 software that has numerous additional features and allows to operate several CO2, O2 and / or pH meters simultaneously. This gives you absolute freedom in setting up your measurement network.
CO2-1 ST can be used with needle-type and implantable CO2 microsensors (0.04 – 5 % CO2) or with the new CO2 dipping probes which allow measurements down to ambient CO2 levels. The dipping probes come in two different versions, either with (DP-CDM1-ST) or without stainless steel housing (DP-CDM1).
Use this portable, compact set-up for your animal or plant physiology research, analyze liquids or take it out into the field for your environmental assessments.
Here are a few examples of how our CO2 measurement devices and sensors have already been used, and hopefully they can also further your project:


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