Contactless and Micro-invasive Oxygen Measurement

Electro-Optical Module EOM-O2-micro

The EOM-O2-micro is a precise single channel OEM solution for measuring oxygen. It comprises micro-optics compatible with 140 µm silica fibers, and can be used for contactless measurements as well as with micro-invasive sensors. The small outer dimensions and low power consumption enable a simple integration of this OEM transmitter into custom monitoring & control systems. A serial communication protocol is offered for data exchange between a PC or another host unit and the EOM-O2-micro.

  • Fast integration with integration package
  • Variety of sensor integrations available
  • Assembled according to ISO 9001
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Oxygen sensor PSt1 (optical ST connector)
Phase resolution 0.05 °
Sampling rate 1 sec. - 120 sec.
Supply voltage 7 - 18 V
Power consumption in active mode 1.5 W
Power consumption in stand-by mode 0.6 W
Temperature: operating / storage from 0 °C to + 50 °C / from - 10 °C to + 70 °C
Relative humidity up to 85 % (non condensing)
Dimensions (with add-on board) 40 mm x 100 mm x 24 mm (25 mm)
Weight 51.8 g
Digital interface RS232 interface (RJ 11 4/4 to DSub9, cable included)
USB interface (RJ 11 4/4 to USB type A, transmitter adapted cable included)

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