Accessory for Micro-scale O2 Imaging

VisiSens TD MIC Kit

We offer optics and an excitation light source to adapt the VisiSens TD Basic System for microscopic oxygen imaging. This allows you to analyze oxygen distributions, gradients and hot spot formation in your sample at very fine scale resolution.

  • Microscopic O2 imaging with VisiSens TD
  • High spatial resolution
  • Compact size
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Microscopic Analyte Imaging - TD MIC Configuration

VisiSens TD can be equipped with microscope optics for measuring analyte gradients with very high spatial resolution. The VisiSens TD MIC can be used e.g. to monitor spatial and temporal changes of O2 of cross-sections of multicellular tumor spheroids. The system is compact and fits into an incubator to monitor analyte changes under cell culture conditions over days.


Optics Integrated 2 x microscope lens
Field of View Approx. 2.5 x 1.8 mm2
Focus Distance controlled, adjustable distance wheel
Number of LEDs 14
Analyte O2 imaging
Weight 500 g

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